Ministering: Pastor John Ilori

Topic: Increase in wisdom

Bible verses: Prov. 1:7, Prov. 2:6, 1Cor.14:6, Luke 2:40, 52, Prov. 9: 10, 1Cor. 1: 24, Prov. 23:5, James 3: 15.

🎯 1Cor.14:6 Speaking in tongues is to boost our faith and receive messages in our Spirit man from God.

4 ways you can teach the word of God: 1.) Revelation 2.) Knowledge 3.) Prophecy 4.) Doctrine

🎯 Doctrine: Every church has a doctrine based on Bible principles. The problem is that our doctrines nowadays are based on traditions of men which will always nullify the biblical principles. What makes a doctrine valid is to keep to it.

🎯 Prophecy: Means bringing a message from inspiration. It is inspiration from God.

🎯 Revelation: When God inspires you about something. When you speak with Revelation, you know what you are talking about because your spirit man has been opened to a certain dimension beyond human comprehension.

🎯 Luke 2:40, 52 If Jesus increased in wisdom, we should also increase in wisdom.

🎯 Prov. 9: 10 You can't define wisdom outside God. The starting point of being wise is to be saved. If you are not saved, you don't have access to the wisdom of God.

🎯 Prov. 1:7, Prov. 2:6, Don't ignore the little and extra things. The extra mile you go is the wisdom! The little things that people ignore is what others leverage and become wise.

🎯 Wisdom is the ability to correctly apply knowledge. It is the ability to discern what is true and what should be done in a given situation.

🎯 1Cor. 1: 24 Anointing without wisdom will kill you, you will die and God will still be God. Saying the truth without wisdom will bring about death. It takes wisdom to know when to fight and when not to! Not all fights are yours! Let God give you wisdom to use!

🎯 Wisdom is the interpretation and application of God's words.
🎯 Wisdom could be good or bad depending on how it is being used. Earthly wisdom!
🎯 Sensual wisdom: wisdom from our sense organs.
🎯 Devilish wisdom: Nothing good comes out of a devilish wisdom. 🎯 James 3: 15-17

Godly wisdom: It is pure, peaceable, gentle, easy to be intreated, full of mercy and without partiality.

🎯 Examples of men with wisdom:
⏩1. Joseph Gen. 41:32 - 33
Wisdom gives solutions.
⏩2. Daniel Dan. 1:4
The first level of wisdom is knowledge. If you are not reading, you can't increase in knowledge and you can't increase in wisdom. Leaders are readers! If you are lazy to read, you will not increase in wisdom. Dan. 1: 2-8. 🎯 Dan. 2: 9 - 22. If you desire the Daniel kind of wisdom, you can pray for it.
⏩3. Solomon 1Kings 3:7-28

Wisdom is knowing how to go out and how to come in. There is a way to behave in the presence of a king.

🎯 1Kings 10: 1- 8 Wisdom is the ability to handle difficult situations and solve hard problems. Wisdom also attract riches. Wisdom is also visible. Wisdom is also in order! Where there's no order, there is no progress. Wisdom is excellence!

🎯 Prayers: Eph 3: 10 - Lord, let there be the expression of your manifold wisdom in my life , let your wisdom be known through me.
🎯 Luke 21:15 Lord, give me a mouth and wisdom that all my adversaries will not be able to resist or gainsay!
Amen πŸ™. God bless you.

Ministering: Pastor John Bisi Ilori

Topic: The Elder Brother

Bible verses: Luke 15: 11-30, 1Cor. 3:21-23.

🎯 When you feel you have served God faithfully and you feel you are not getting the blessings attached, always remember that God rewards faithfulness! He is too faithful to fail!

🎯 There is always a certain age/time (maturity) you get to for you to possess your possession.

🎯 Luke 15: 11-12 Even though it was the younger son that asked for his inheritance, the father still distributed his possessions among both sons.

🎯 It was the younger son that was bold enough to take his own share. The elder son was oblivious of what he had!

🎯 Don't stay in the house and be discontented just like the elder brother.

🎯 Luke 15: 13-14 Anytime you move outside the grace and provisions for your life, you get disappointed, you waste your resources and live a life lower than what you were created for!

🎯 Luke 15: 15-20 If you are not dressed in the righteousness of Christ, God is not accessible to you! The younger son came back dressed like a beggar! However, it is not too late to come back to God. Don't put on the dress of guilt from sin, you won't be able to touch God.

🎯 Luke 15: 21-22 God's love for us is not conditional and performance based. The robe of the younger son was changed to that of the father and the ring (seal of sonship) was put on him. That's the treatment God is always ready to give to anyone who comes back to Him!

🎯 The younger son was given the best shoes (Dominion) and a feast was called in celebration of his homecoming! Luke 15:23-24

🎯 Luke 15: 25-26 The older son wasn't at the feast thrown for his younger brother. He was working in the fields (work that was meant for the servants). The older brother didn't know who he was and what he had as a son!

🎯 Luke 15: 27-29 The elder brother's mentality was totally wrong! He was working as a slave in his father's house! We also work like slaves in our father's (God) house when we serve in order to get an immediate reward! Anytime we serve with the mind of attaching God's blessings to it means we are working like slaves in our father's house. It's out of compulsion not out of love and joy!

🎯 Celebrate with others when their time comes and yours will come too! Don't castigate others, leave them with God. Luke 15:30

🎯 What is worse than being a prodigal son is you not knowing what you have! Luke 15:31

🎯 1Cor. 3:21-23 (Passion translation) Everything belongs to me in Christ!

Prayers: All that belong to me in Christ Jesus, I claim and receive them! All that is mine I possess as a joint heir with Christ. All God has belong to me, I will possess my inheritance. I will not have the elder brother mentality (slave mentality). I take all that is mine in Jesus name.

Amen πŸ™. God bless you.

Ministering: Pastor John Ilori

Topic: Escatology - The events of the end time.

Bible verses: Rev. 2: 1-2, 1Cor. 15: 19.

🎯 Everybody knows we are already in the end time.

🎯 Most times, we separate our personal lives from our faith.

🎯 When we talk about God's blessings, we mostly refer to material things forgetting that true blessings is not in material things.

🎯 This is very sure: Christ is coming back! And now, it is more real.

🎯 Do all you can so as not to miss the coming of Christ.

🎯 Rapture is not the escape for a lazy man, God said "occupy till I come".

🎯 Escatology is the study of the events of history and end time.

🎯 Presently the world is in a self-destruct mode where there are many inventions that can destroy the world. The end time is here. Christians need to be prepared for the second coming of Christ.

🎯 The second coming is not just one event at a particular time rather, it's a series of events.

🎯 Anti-Christ will not just show up, most of the things done in our present world is already Anti-Christ.

🎯 The Church at Ephesus: Rev. 2: 1 The Church is the voice of God on earth. It is the power House of God where He legislates. Christ is coming for the Church that is blameless, without spots and wrinkles.

🎯 To the Church, God first introduces Himself.

🎯 God introduces Himself as the Light and illumination to the Church at Ephesus.

🎯 After the introduction, He gives commendation. Rev. 2: 2

🎯 Mixing the sin of idolatry with faith will take you no where! Can you stand against evil? Can you be commended by God like the Church at Ephesus? Rev. 2:2

🎯 What is your price? What are the things that make you crumble and fall?

🎯 Prayers: Lord please don't allow anything blow off my candle in Jesus name. My sun will not set in noonday! Light me oh Lord. Lord, may my light/candle not be blown out in Jesus name. Light me Lord.

Amen πŸ™. God bless you.

Ministering: Pastor John Ilori

Topic: Escatology (2)

Bible verses: Rev. 2:1-7, Romans 8: 35 - 36, Psalms 51.

🎯 Christ is coming for a church without spots or wrinkles. He is not coming for the building but the Church (ecclesia)

🎯 For every vision, there is a timing!

🎯 Rev. 2 : 1- 2 It takes a spiritually sound person to discern the spirits behind men of God especially those who perform signs and wonders. Don't judge people's relationship with God based on their performances. Discern the spirits of men.

🎯 When we know where we are going, we'd learn to ignore so many things. What are the things that make you crumble? See them as little afflictions that will soon pass!

🎯 Rev. 2 : 6 God commended the Church at Ephesus. You can't be a friend to God's enemies!

🎯 Rev. 2: 4 The Church of Ephesus however had forsaken their first love! As a believer, where is your first love?

🎯 When Christ is our first love, we do things out of love. We pray for hours out of love and it doesn't become burdensome!

🎯 Rev. 2 : 5 Remember and return to your first love! No matter how far you have deviated, it is not too late to return.

🎯 Rev. 2 : 7 Oh Lord, give me an 'hearing ear' to hear what your Spirit is saying to me.

🎯 Revelation is not just about the future, some are in the past, some are happening presently and some will happen in the future.

Prayers:Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.

Amen πŸ™. God bless you.

Ministering: Pastor John Ilori

Topic: Escatology (3)

Bible verses: Gen. 16:8, Rev. 2:8.

🎯 Reiterating: We are the church, not the building. Whenever God looks at the church, He is looking for you and I.

🎯 Be who you have been called to be! You cannot serve two masters! You can't be an hypocrite! The devil will not trust you, God will not reward you! 🎯 Rev. 2:8 Please note that the churches in Revelation have their present earthly location in Turkey.

🎯 Smyrna was a small, persecuted church located in a beautiful and wealthy place. They have the majority of members as jews.

🎯 It is a poor church faced with hostility and persecution.

🎯 Whatever persecution or suffering you are going through, it will end up in God's glory!

🎯 In the pressing and crushing, the best is coming out of you!

🎯 How you see suffering/persecution will determine if it will continue or you will end up being victorious.

🎯 Rev. 2:8 God introduces Himself as the First and the Last. If God hasn't started something in your life, He will not end it. He said He is the one who was dead but now alive. The true way to live is to die!

🎯 Rev. 2:9 God is aware of the challenges and sufferings you are going through! If we understand this, then we can trust Him! Stop running away from challenges, you'd never be the best you can be! Gen. 16:8

🎯 Don't disrupt the process, stay where God wants you to be and go through the process. Gen. 16:8-13

🎯 Rev. 2:9, Rom. 5:3-4 Challenges/sufferings are tools in God's hands to bring the best out of man. Most times, we lament and cry because of suffering. Your attitude towards suffering will determine your outcome.

🎯 God hasn't removed us from the fire/challenges/suffering because there are still impurities in us! Like Gold is refined in the fire and the Goldsmith doesn't remove the gold till he sees his image, so also God will not remove us from the fire until He sees His image in us! The choice is ours! We can either stay in the fire till the best comes out of us, or we jump out of the fire undone aborting God's process in our lives!

🎯 Let your tribulations produce perseverance in you, and perseverance, Godly character!

🎯 Perseverance is suffering for a just course!

🎯 True riches is not in material, it is right standing with God, it is the state of your mind, the state of spiritual well-being! Rev. 2:9.

🎯 Rev. 2:10 Do not be afraid of persecution! Allow and follow through on the process. When you do, you will be complete and responsible! You are matured and then God can use you!

🎯 Can you stand when it matters most? Can you be faithful even when faced with death? Can you be faithful and not compromise on your faith even when you are face to face with death? Can God test you? Can you defend your faith till death?

🎯 Can you sing in the midst of tribulations?

🎯 Crown of life awaits only those who are faithful till the end/death! Rev. 2:10

🎯 1Cor. 9:24-27 There is a crown set aside for those who are faithful! Lord, put your crown on me, may my crown not be removed!

🎯 James 1:12 Trial is the only way to receive the crown of life. If you cannot endurance suffering, you cannot be tried!

Prayers:Lord, today I receive the crown of life!

Amen πŸ™. God bless you.

Ministering: Pastor John Ilori

Topic: Escatology (4)

Bible verses: Rev. 2:12-17, 2Pet. 2:15-17

🎯 Primarily, God sees His church as the solution to a sick world!

🎯 The Church at Pergamos Rev. 2:12

🎯 The state of the church in a city is the state of the city.

🎯 God wants His church to be an extension of His arms and person to a dying world.

🎯 The Church in Pergamos is a church married to the world!

🎯 The Church in Pergamos is called the compromising church!

🎯 When you live a compromised life, you want to live the kingdom lifestyle and still live in worldly pleasures.

🎯 The effects of compromise: 1. It weakens you, it makes you weak. 2. It takes you away from your position.

🎯 There is a thin line between doing the right thing and compromising.

🎯 Everybody has something he/she is dealing with. God knows you and your challenges.

🎯 Let us hold fast our faith! Rev. 2:13

🎯 2Pet.2:15-16 Beware of false teaching. The doctrine of Balaam was trading the gift of God for material gains.

🎯 Don't partake in the reward of unrighteousness. Take a stand for God.

🎯 The product of a compromised life- 2Pet.2:17

🎯 Rev.2:14-16 The sword of God is in our mouths to fight, but God uses the sword of His mouth to fight the disobedient.

🎯 You overcome compromise by not losing focus of what God has promised you. If it isn't what God promised, don't fall for it.

🎯 Rev. 2:17 Every encounter you have with God will give you a new name.

Prayers:🎯 Lord, I will not lose focus of your promise. In any area I have been living a compromised life, I repent today. Lord, use your two edged sword to separate me from compromise. 🎯 Lord, from today, I answer a new name from you. I will no longer be called a compromising person, I will be called the righteousness of God.

Amen πŸ™. God bless you.

Ministering: Pastor John Ilori

Topic: Escatology (5)

Bible verses: Rev. 2: 18-23

🎯 Reiterating: Anytime God looks into a city, He looks at the church. The state of the church determines the state of the city. We are the church!

🎯 Let this be your motto: Touching God, touching lives. Let your life touch other people.

🎯 The Church of Thyatira: This church is in love with the world. It is the smallest church out of the seven churches but had the longest letter.

🎯 The city of Thyatira is the headquarters of tie and dye industries. Very busy and highly industrialized city! Acts 16:14

🎯 In this city, they worship Apollo- the god of the sun.

🎯 The Church is strong in love but weak in doctrine. There must be a balance in loving people and raising godly standards and values. You can't pleas man at the expense of God!

🎯 A Christian should be able to work anywhere and be a change agent, an ambassador of Christ!

🎯 Rev. 2:18 Christ introduced Himself to the Church of Thyatira as the Son of God.

🎯 When Christ wants to introduce Himself, He uses what you are familiar with.

🎯 Rev. 2:19 What does God love and know about you?

🎯 There are certain blessings that come upon your life by your actions! There are some blessings that will not come upon you if you don't pay the price. Abraham, the father of faith entertained angels and attracted the fulfilment of promise!

🎯 Rev. 2:20 The church of Thyatira tolerated evil! Watch what you tolerate at the expense of your destiny! Don't tolerate people that will harm you! Don't go to where you are tolerated but where you are celebrated!

🎯 The Jezebel spirit is to intimidate and manipulate people! Jezebel is not a woman, it is a spirit!

🎯 Don't use the system on the world to solve the issues of the spirit.

🎯 The Jezebel spirit is always interested in position and power! It is always title-conscious! Always domineering and wants to take charge. It is not forceful, it is very subtle!

🎯 Don't tolerate those who call themselves what they are not! Rev. 2:20

🎯 Jezebel spirit is a pretender! If you have a title, make sure you have the grace that backs up your title!

🎯 Be careful what you eat, be careful of what is free! What is free has a price! You might be trading your destiny! Don't be like Esau! Some things might not affect you negatively but it's breaking your defense and making you weak!

🎯 Rev. 2: 21-23 Lord, search my heart and see if there is any wicked way in me! Teach me the paths of life.

🎯 Be careful of new revelations. Be careful of sensational things and words!

🎯 Be careful of people telling you that they have deep secrets, every mystery of God should be teachable!

🎯 Be wary of miracles that are not from God. Miracles do not validate the calling of a man!

Prayers: I take authority over nations, a nation that does not serve me shall perish.

Amen πŸ™. God bless you.

Ministering: Pastor John Ilori

Topic: Escatology (6)

Bible verses: Rev. 3: 1-6, 1Kings 19: 12-17, 2Kings 9: 30-33, 2Tim. 3:5.

🎯 Reiterating: Jezebel is not a woman with long hair and painted nails! Jezebel is a spirit!

🎯 It takes a Jehu to defeat a Jezebel!

The Church of Sardis Rev. 3:1

🎯 The city of Sardis is situated on a mountain about 15,000 ft above the sea level. They are well established, fortified and secure.

🎯 In this Church, Christ gave no commendation for them. They were regarded as the sleeping and dead church. Death is not necessarily physical but can be spiritual- the highest form of death! 2Tim. 3:5.

🎯 Your reputation is not your standing with God.

🎯 Deadness comes when we live dual lives. We have just one life to live!

🎯 This Church fell from grace to grass.

🎯 The Church of Sardis is a church that walks in pride! Pride of past glory.

🎯 Pride is the absence of humility to accept that you are wrong.

🎯 The city of Sardis worship Cybele- a goddess.

🎯 Christ introduced Himself as the one that has the seven Spirits of God - perfection!

🎯 If the Holy Spirit is not present in a church, it is a dead church! The Church of Sardis had a reputation of being alive though they are dead! Rev. 3:1

🎯 If anything doesn't carry the presence of God, it doesn't have God. Don't live for deadness, don't choose quantity over quality! Have the real life! Carry God!

🎯 Don't substitute prayers and the presence of God with intellectual knowledge and skills!

🎯 So many times, we have mastered the art of being phony - that is the Balaam spirit!

🎯 Be watchful! Be awake! Wake up from your slumber, from your deadness! Rev. 3: 2

🎯 Don't let pride, sin and reputation take you away from the place of fellowship with God and His people. Don't plan yourself out of God's will for your life.

🎯 Take a stock of your life, what are the good things that are dieing in your life? Strengthen them! Rev. 3:2

🎯 It is not a sign of weakness to ask God for help, seek His help to bring you back on track with Him.

🎯 Rev. 3:3 Repent and retrace your steps. Hold fast to what you have heard!

🎯 Rev. 4:4 There is always a remnant reserved, standing in God's will even in the midst of perversion!

Prayers: Lord, help me, I don't want to be a walking corpse, I don't want to have a reputation that I am alive but dead. I receive grace to work and walk perfectly before you. I will truly be alive! You are my righteousness God! I don't want to be full of activities and not have your life in me. Like Noah, Lord, let me find favor before you. Clothe me with your righteousness, remove every filthy garment off me. I want to be alive in Holy Spirit. Lord, please let it please you to find my work perfect before you. Lord, let the anointing of Jehu come upon me to destroy and defeat every Jezebel spirit in action in my life and territory! 🎯 1Kings 19: 12-17, 2Kings 9: 30-33 The anointing of Jehu come upon you to execute the judgement of God upon every Jezebel spirit tormenting, manipulating and intimidating you, your life and family in Jesus name.

Amen.πŸ™God bless you.

Ministering: Pastor John Ilori.

Topic: Eden.

Bible verses: Genesis 2: 10-14, 1 Corinthians 9:24-26, Isaiah 46:9-10, Proverbs 19:21.

◼️Right response to God’s word is what makes you an Eden.

πŸ“ŒDelayed obedience is disobedience.

πŸ“When you know your purpose, you’ll know when to react and when not to react.

◼️If you don’t know the purpose of God for your life, you’ll be found everywhere doing anything.

πŸ–ŠοΈStop walking aimlessly.

πŸ–‹οΈMen of purpose have what they want to achieve.

◼️Your purpose is predestined by God!

πŸ–ŠοΈYou are not called to do everything.

◼️Many people do not experience Eden because of their response to God.

πŸ“ŒRight response to God’s word is what makes you enjoy Eden.

Discover your purpose. Discover who you are!

πŸ–ŠοΈYour purpose in life is who God wants you to be.

◼️Purpose makes you different.

πŸ“Purpose is the end that starts the beginning, the final address for your life, the reason for your birth.

◼️My enemy is that good thing that is not God’s purpose.

Prayer: Lord help me find my purpose in life.

Amen.πŸ™God bless you.

Ministering: Pastor Bimbo Ilori

Topic: Vision.

Bible verses:Habakkuk 2:1-3, Ephesians 3:20, Luke 2:52.

πŸ“ŒPurpose is God's will for your life, it's why you are here.

πŸ“ŒGod doesn't waste resources.

✏️Purpose is also God's plan for you.

✏️Vision is a culmination of your desires. God has given every man "desires".

πŸ“There is no man who doesn't have a vision or desire.

πŸ“A vision is something you share.

πŸ–‹οΈWrite your vision down so you don't forget it.

πŸ–‹οΈA goal provide specific points of reference, signpost for you to look at while measuring the progress of your vision.

πŸ”–Set time apart to discover your vision.

πŸ“ŒSetting goals is goals is the first step to turn the invisible to the visible.

1. Goal setting is a spiritual responsibility.
2. Goals are statements of faith.
3. Goals focus your energy.
1. Wisdom or (Mental development and capacity).
2. Stature or (health goals).
3. Favor or (Relationships with God or man).
4. Set financial goals.
5. Set character goals.

πŸ“πŸ“Search and pay attention to the things you are passionate, mad, thrilled about. They are pointers to your vision.

✏️Communicate to other people about your vision so they may help you achieve it.

Prayer: Lord help me to set goals that will fulfill your purpose in my life

Amen.πŸ™God bless you.